November 9th, Tuesday

Thank you, Encina Media, for your interest in my work and the pleasant interview held with you. My special thanks to writer Natalia Diz for her excellent work writing this article and for sending me a private copy of this month's issue

November 5th, Tuesday

My warmest thanks to Boadilla del Monte Local Council and the great team working behind my latest show to make "La feminidad sublime" possible

Delighted about the positive comments received on "La feminidad sublime" and thankful to the collectors supporting me and believing in my art. It has been a pleasure to chat with all of you during the opening on the 17th Oct and the various meetups celebrated during the exhibition

Thank you for valuing the true greatness of femininity

October 17th, Thursday

Give into your femininity cravings at the grand opening of my exhibition "La feminidad sublime", a banquet of flirtatious laughter, lace and burgundy in each piece of work

EXPO 3.jpg

Come meet me and see my work:

Sala de Cristal - Isabel de Farnesio, 16 @19.30 


Open from 16th Oct to 05 Nov

October 1st, Monday

I invite you to indulge in the ultimate infatuation: check out my latest release, brimful with teasing body language and flirtatious laughter


Left to right: "Such a flirt", "Pearl necklace", "Incandescent goddess"

(partial views)

Left to right: sample of framing, "Property of nobody" and "Sweet insolence" 

(partial views)

Contact me to enjoy more than 10 pieces, all in black and white to make my favourite color stand out - because my favourite color is femininity

June 29th, Friday

You may find me exhibiting my work at Taller del Prado. The exhibition is starting at 20.00 on June 29th, Friday

Come meet me and see my work:

Gran Vía, 16

5th floor

May 19th, Saturday

As a sponsor at the fundraising party held by the Dock - Yatch in Time and Orden de Malta, in Koh Tao Madrid on May 19th, one of my paintings was donated with the aim of raising funds for the raise and care of the handicapped in Lebanon

My acknowledgments to the Dock - Yatch in Time, Orden de Malta and, specially, my friend Coty de Monteverde for the organisation of such event

Winner of "Warm Cabernet" 

"Warm Cabernet", 70x70 cm

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